How Safe Is Avast Bank Mode?

Secure Payments Mode is a feature of Avast Secure Browser that creates a virtual desktop that acts as a secure and clean PC inside your computer.

Avast as the Best Antivirus for Your Computer

Computer viruses are programs written by hooligans and pests, possibly suffering from an inferiority complex or, conversely, megalomania (which is actually almost the same thing). Worse, they can also be written by terrorists who aim to take revenge on someone, maybe even all of humanity. However, most often these are just petty crooks and extortionists, shameless spam mailers who want to use your computer as their own mailing station. Therefore, emotions have no place here, but reasonable measures of protection are needed, like protection from racketeers, fraudsters, cholera, AIDS, and a sharp tightening of tax laws.

The virus most often comes under the guise of a program or game. Some program or game may indeed be launched, but “secret affairs are being performed under its cover of darkness”. At first, the virus works secretly, takes root everywhere, infects everything it can, and only then makes itself felt. Some viruses sit quietly until a certain date, such as the “Chernobyl virus”, which is triggered once a year, on April 26, or “Friday the thirteenth”, which is triggered with this combination of the day of the week and the date. Others start hurting right away.

Viruses can come with email – in files attached to the letter. Sometimes a deceived user himself, with his own hands, downloads and launches a virus, believing that he has found an interesting program or game. But viruses can climb onto other computers on the network without the participation of inexperienced users themselves.

Is It Safe to Use Avast Bank Mode?

Current account fraud not only involves the use of the account holder’s full overdraft limit but often opens the door to further fraudulent avast bank mode. Criminals can use the information obtained as a result of the successful theft of their identity to further manipulate other financial products, such as consumer loans or credit cards.

Additional updates that are now part of Avast Free Antivirus include:

  1. Simplified USB storage protection – Avast will now prompt users to scan USB storage devices when they are connected to a computer.
  2. Botnet Protection – An improved Web Shield prevents malware from connecting to malicious servers through the user’s device.

Later, cybercriminals began to collect data from plastic cards, for which they used phishing pages on the Internet. The malicious program displayed its own window over the Google Play window, prompting you to enter your bank card details, as shown in the figure below. After the user entered the card details, they were immediately transmitted to the attacker’s server.

Even later, hackers made phishing pages for some Russian and Ukrainian banks, but this time they received not card data, but logins and passwords from Internet banking. When the user launched the banking application, the Trojan changed the original window to a phishing one, where the user entered the necessary data himself, which was immediately sent to the attacker’s server. With a login, password, and access to all SMS, including from banks with SMS codes, an attacker could successfully make bank transfers.

Avast Free Antivirus, which builds on the award-winning avast Antivirus engine includes West Coast Labs Checkmark certified anti-spyware technology, a rootkit protection engine, and a robust self-defense engine. And the latest version offers even faster-scanning speeds and improved malware detection.


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