Top Mobile Friendly Apps for Financial Sector Review

With the help of mobile-friendly apps for the financial sector, you can get up-to-date information about what is happening in the global financial markets, data on the main stock market indices, stock quotes in real-time, foreign and digital currencies rates, prices for raw materials (precious metals, oil, and natural gas). Some applications have an integrated calendar of the latest events in the field of economics and finance.

The Global Financial Technology Market and The Mobile-Friendly Apps

With regard to the personnel issue, it can be noted that in the context of the digitalization of the economy, the labor market is undergoing serious changes, while there is a shortage of qualified specialists, in particular, in financial technologies. The permanent “brain drain” also played a role due to the large opportunities for earning money abroad and the implementation of projects, due to the lack of a market for a technological product.

The number of users of financial technologies in the world, according to expert estimates, is growing annually by 15–20%, which is being actively promoted by the growth of Internet penetration in the world. But the financial technology market is difficult for a comprehensive assessment due to its strong diversification and unavailability of data in a number of areas. As an illustration, we present the total volume of transactions in monetary terms in these segments, according to preliminary estimates, in 2020 will amount to 5.1 trillion dollars.

Despite the fact that many authors today associate business transactions with service-oriented systems, e-commerce systems, and loosely coupled systems that integrate certain functionality of heterogeneous ISs, the development of specific extended transaction models, in which ACID properties were weakened, was carried out long before the appearance of the corresponding ideas.

List of the Best Financial Apps for Mobile: Personal Finance, Investment and Business

Applications that help you control your own finances and not get lost in the question of why you can’t accumulate enough money in your wallet are of great benefit. Programs that help keep track of your own finances are extremely useful for a modern and active person who often has a mess in personal savings. To organize your finances and control income/expenses, it is better to install electronic data room providers on your phone and work with them daily:

  1. Monefy is a convenient financial accounting tool. A fast program that has a high rating among users. A simple interface makes it easy to adjust settings from your phone. All actions are performed in one click – it is enough to indicate only the amount for expenses.
  2. Bluecoins – finance and budget. A simple and powerful application for tracking expenses and planning where and what money has gone or can go to. Allows you to flexibly maintain a personal budget, create budget plans, predict financial costs, calculate the cost of purchases and utility bills for a given period of time.
  3. Bloomberg: Market & Financial. Full access to the global finance market, stock market, and financial news. The application will become an auxiliary tool for businessmen, financiers, bankers, traders, and investors. Functions: financial news, creation of a personal portfolio of stocks, data on the value of commodities, exchange rates and cryptocurrencies, futures, and much more. 30-day use of the application is free. 

As for the creation of a specialized regulatory framework, a number of legislative initiatives have already been launched (for example, the introduction of a “regulatory sandbox”) aimed at determining the legal status of new technologies and creating a regulatory environment favorable for their development.


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