Protect Your Documents Using Dynamic Watermarks In Vdr

Using the dynamic watermarks in the virtual data room is very important as at the stage of protecting your documents, issues related to system performance are resolved, data storage structures and access methods are determined.

Technical Methods of Document Protection with the Virtual Data Room

With the development of the World Wide Web, the issue of user compliance with copyright has become relevant. Given the extraterritoriality of the network, technical progress, and the dynamics of increasing the number of users, it can be argued that international law in the field of copyright protection can not really protect the rights of the author of a work posted on the network. The system-forming idea of the concept of the information economy and, consequently, the information society is the use of knowledge to produce a competitive new product on the world market, not necessarily information, but one that through mass sales provides economic wealth and development of producing countries.

Protecting your documents using dynamic watermarks in the virtual data room eliminates the traditional dedicated connection between the server and the repository, and this type of network eliminates any limitation on the amount of data that the server can access, as traditionally the server is limited by the number of storage devices that connect to it. Instead, VDR introduces network flexibility so that one or more disparate servers share a storage utility. The network can include many storage devices, including disks, magnetic libraries, and optical media. In addition, the storage program may be located far from the servers it uses.

Document security with is one of the priorities and is therefore under constant control. All system components are subject to redundancy. Processes and personnel are certified according to the standards because:

  • the state of the system changes under the influence of external factors;
  • the transition from one state to another is not instantaneous, but over time;
  • causation is probabilistic.

An important feature of the virtual data rooms to protect your business is that it is subject-oriented. Because data is collected from multiple sources, the repository helps companies use specific data that is applied to their own field. This helps the company gain an understanding of how data can be used in a way that benefits all sectors of the company. 

Dynamic Watermarks in VDR as the Best Way to Protect Your Documents

A watermark is a text or an image that appears either before or behind the content of an existing document, similar to a stamp. For example, you can add a “Confidential” watermark to pages with sensitive information. You can add multiple watermarks to one or more PDF files, but you must add each watermark individually. You can specify the page or range of pages on which the watermark appears.

The advantage of protecting your documents using dynamic watermarks in the virtual data room lies in the fact that, with a splendid visual view of the image, the user does not succumb to some kind of encoded designation – the copyright icon, the name of the author, the fate of the future. However, later, when the software is blocked, it is possible to bring the files back to the additional information, which indicates the person, as she wrote down. Possibility of special “voices”. They also allow you to control the creative work in informational measures, and in case of violation of copyright and secession rights, secure a proper evidence base in court.


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