APUS browser

APUS Browser is a browser made by APUS Browser Developer Team with the main objective of providing many features for free, secure browsing environment and private browsing over the web. It has been downloaded over 100 MIllion times, and there are more than 280k reviews with an average rating of 4.3 in the Google Play Store.

Let’s know some of the features/ characteristics of the APUS browser.

List of features with the explanation


You will be able to upload your favorite sites quickly, popular social networks and trend news with a single click and use the favorite sites easily.

Enabled with service of selecting a preferred search engine:

You will be able to choose the search engine you prefer, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, AOL, and Ask.com, without slowing the speed of the APUS browser.

Get the search results instantly:

You will be able to get the results of the specific search keyword instantly by typing the keyword in the URL bar itself.

Support for multiple tabs:

It has support for browsing in many tabs and is also a convenient gesture to switch between the opened tabs for easy browsing through the web.

Incognito mode:

Using incognito mode, you will be able to browse the internet without saving any browsing history, cookies, cached files, login credentials and so on. Also, there is support for private browsing which will protect your privacy and make you secured while browsing through websites of your desire.

Night mode:

Night mode’s implementation helps a lot in saving your battery life as well as gives a unique feel to the browsing user interface. You can use the provided night mode in the browser to invert the color of the browser. Night mode aims to protect your eyes from the light during the night, and you will be able to read the text without any stress in the eyes.

Download Manager:

It has an implementation of download manager that supports all the files you want to download through your favorite websites on the internet. Also, there is a feature to download the file by fragmentation using multiple connections and merging all the parts after downloading all the fragmented parts of the files successfully. So, you will be able to get a fast browsing speed. You can open the downloaded files from the APUS browser itself without going to the file manager to open the downloaded programs and files.

Voice Search:

You can use the Google voice search instead of typing through the keyboard.


You will be able to bookmark the sites that are on the list of your favorite ones for accessing easily and browsing them with a single click.

No-image mode:

Enable “No image” to disable images and videos to load pages and save them to mobile data quickly.

Speed mode:

Using the speed mode, you will be able to enjoy the comparatively fast browsing speed.

Game mode:

Game mode allows you to enjoy an automatic full-screen mode. It supports all the HTML5 games which are played online. This feature enhances the gaming environment.

Some more features of APUS browser


APUS browser has the size of 16 MB, and which saves free space in the RAM and the browser will run smoothly.


You will be able to enjoy a faster loading speed of webpages even on a low-end smartphone, and the speed is good even in a 2G Network.


The User Interface is very simple to use and easier for understanding which enriches your browsing experience.


There are news, popular websites and various online games on the homepage itself to keep you entertained in the leisure time.

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