Why is my browser so slow

Many readers ask us “Why is my browser so slow?” Keeping this question in our mind, we have prepared this article for you. We will discuss the reasons for your browser to be slow and the solution to fix the issue you have been facing in your computer. So, let’s get started on the reasons for your browser to be slow and the possible ways to get rid of the slow browser.

Many of you may have been using Chrome and FireFox browser. Not only browsing the web, but these browsers also provide you extra facilities as well. The services may have become really precious for you.

If you are thinking about what the services are, don’t be confused, we are talking about the extensions/ add-ons, themes and so on these popular browsers are providing to facilitate the users worldwide. While you use the browser, a part of RAM is utilized in loading the webpages and some part for the operation of the extension/ add-ons and the custom themes you have installed. So, you may face lag while using the browser due to excessive RAM consumption.

What can slow down my browser and how I can fix that?

In some cases, the browser may even stop responding. So, we recommend you to install the extension/ addons which you think are the most advantageous to you and remove all the extensions/ add-ons which you have not used for a while.

Also, it is better if you deactivate the extension/ add-ons that you rarely use and activate them at the time of your use. For the themes, it is better to stick with the default themes provided if you are feeling your browser is really slow, else you do not need to worry about the theme.

Another reason for the slow browser is the cache and cookies that are stored as browsing history. Suppose you log in to a website, you may be able to auto-login even after the computer restarts. This is due to the cookie stored in the memory. Also, the images, videos and other elements of a website are stored which are known as cache files.

Due to the consumption of the memory by these elements, you may have faced a slow browsing experience. So, it is recommended to clear the browsing history for a fast browsing experience. You can easily do so by going to history and clearing all the browsing history. You can clear the browsing history of a specified duration. If your browser is running really slow, we recommend you to clear the history, cookies and cached files from the beginning of time.

The next reason for your browser to run slow is low RAM in the computer. You need the upgrade the RAM of your computer. We recommend you to have a RAM more than 2GB if your main task is to browse the internet only.

It is said that if you open 15 tabs in a browser, the memory consumption in the computer will be around 2 GB which depends on the size of files loaded in the website. So, according to your need, you can upgrade the RAM of your computer. Also, closing the unused tabs in the browser can save the RAM a lot. You can try to close all the inactive tabs as well.

Hope you became clear on the main reasons why your browser is running slow and the methods to be used to fix this problem.

If the solutions to the problems do not work, we highly recommend you to uninstall the browser completely by going to the control panel > Programs and Features and uninstall the respective browser. Then, go to the official site to download the browser and install it. This should solve the issue you face.


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