Convenient and Practical Automatic Dog Feeders

How often do you have to stay at work or a situation arises that prevents you from returning home promptly? At the same time, thoughts about a hungry pet or lack of water in its bowl will not allow you to focus on anything else.

Today, avoiding worries about your four-legged friend is very simple. Just buy outside dog feeders for all weather for dogs. This ingenious device is very practical. It is easy to use and easy to care for.

How to choose the right automatic dog feeder or drinker

On sale, automatic dog feeders are represented by well-known brands – Trixie, Moderna, Camon, and others, as well as a variety of models. Also, automatic drinking bowls and feeders can be in the form of ordinary bowls with a connected capacity for feed or water, and complex devices – equipment connected to an electric network with a constant circulation of water or the delivery of a certain amount of feed at a strictly designated time. When choosing an automatic feeder, it is important to consider the following:

  • pet size portion size recommended for feeding the dog the diet of the animal (number and time of feeding) health status of the dog

What is a Dog Feeder

The simplest version of the car feeder works on the principle of a water cooler. As the animal eats the dry food from the bowl, it is filled with new from the tank connected to it. This option is suitable only if the animal is not prone to overeating, obesity and does not require a special diet for health reasons.

Electronics and Mechanics

More sophisticated options for feeders with segments that open gradually. They can be used not only for dry but also for wet food. Typically, such automatic feeders consist of 4-6 segments, which open after a certain period, which is adjusted by the owner in advance. The only thing to consider when feeding wet food is the temperature regime at which it can deteriorate quickly. The most expensive car feeders are fully automated. They can be programmed, set the feeding time, the required amount of feed and even set the sound signal, up to recording the voice of the owner, inviting the pet to dine. Prices for automatic dog feeders are based on the complexity of the device.

The simplest options in the form of bowls with a container are quite inexpensive and available to each owner of four-legged pets. But the options for connecting to the power supply network are more expensive due to the design features. Moreover, the more complex the functions that an auto-feeder or an automatic drinking machine is capable of performing, the more expensive its cost.

Thus, the car feeder is a real helper for busy pet owners. Thanks to the automatic feeder, your pet has constant access to feed. The automatic feeder for dogs and cats is easily disassembled for high-quality washing and is also easy to assemble back. Special legs of the automatic feeder prevent slipping on the floor. Ideal for dry food. The tight-fitting lid prevents the weathering of the odor, the drying of the feed and the ingress of foreign objects into it. As the animal eats the feed, a new portion will arrive in the right amount. Suitable for cats and dogs of small breeds.

High-quality plastic does not bend, does not break, does not absorb odors, the feeder is easily disassembled and washed, has a long service life. Stylish design, wide color gamut. Specially designed design for the comfort of your pet.

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